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Show Some Heart and Join The Save More Lives Challenge

February 6, 2020
The Save More Lives Challenge has officially launched! The initiative was created to reinforce the idea that anyone can save a life with three simple steps: CALL. PUSH. SHOCK.™ If an individual is not breathing or is unresponsive follow these steps: 
  1. CALL 911, and tell them your location and what is happening 
  2. PUSH hard and fast in the center of their chest
  3. SHOCK them with a defibrillator until you have restored a normal heart rhythm 

Interested in what current Save More Lives Challenge ambassadors are up to, and how to become one? 

  1. Visit www.savemorelives.org and watch Ambassador Susan Ford Bales give a demonstration on how to react to cases of sudden cardiac arrest.
  2. Follow @StartingHearts on social media. Like and share their posts. 
  3. Add the Save More Lives Challenge frame to your social media profiles 
  4. Practice CPR on a household item and record it. Share it on social media using #SaveMoreLives and tag @StartingHearts

Click this link to learn more about how to become an ambassador and to start spreading heart health awareness and #SAVEMORELIVES 

To donate to the organization click here


coverphoto credit: https://www.startinghearts.org/press-releases/starting-hearts-places-first-savestation-in-colorado/ 

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