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Kendall Street Company Comes to Eagle

July 23, 2019

Kendall Street Company is making their Colorado debut this Thursday, July 25th at the Eagle Town Park. The concert is part of the Alpine Bank ShowDown Town Summer Concert Series. Throughout the years the Kendall Street Company have made a name for themselves on the East Coast, releasing four albums in the past five years. The band is influenced by an array of musical styles ranging from Jazz and Indie Rock to Punk and Ska. The concert is free and begins at 6:30 p.m. 

5 Fun Facts About The Band: 
  1. The six-piece ensemble first played KSC band pictogether at the University of Virginia. Drummer Ryan Wood recalls," We started playing just about every single fraternity party and local show we could ... Then we realized, 'oh hey, [we're] pretty good musicians."
  2. The band often improvises during their sets.
  3. Kendall Street Company users steaming data to understand who and where their fans are. Wood explains,"We can look at some of our Spotify data and see where people are listening to us.... Surprisingly, Denver is one of our highest-rated cities, so we're super excited to get out there [to Colorado]" 
  4. The band is known for their signature goofy "playing faces" while performing 
  5. Kendall Street Company's sound is perfect for the Colorado music scene.

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