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Huskies Corner Week 8 Results

October 28, 2019

Battle Mountain Huskies fall to Glenwood Springs Demons;  45-8

The Battle Mountain Huskies move to 2-6 after a tough loss, 45-8 to the Glenwood Springs Demons.
Despite their record, the Demons remain salty at 2-6. Last year's win by Glenwood was nullified by an eligibility infraction; left the Demons feeling it was pay-back time. Glenwood had 72 kids on the roster, the Huskies fielded half with 36. The safety in the first frame, put the Huskies on the ropes early.
Huskies regulars, Kai Hagan, Anthony Sanchez and Ryan Huck contributed, making plays here and there. "King Kong" Kiah Gongaware was missed on both sides of the ball. Best wishes for a swift recovery. Huskies Faithful are optimistic about Dalton Patterson's on-field contributions. 

The Huskies struggled for offense, with only one first down in the first frame; while the Demons ran all over Battle Mountain, racking up 37 points by halftime. A foiled field goal was a highlight for BMHS, preventing the 40-point running clock rule with a minute to go in the first half.
The third quater brought a quick score for Glenwood, enacting the 40-point mercy rule, 0-45.
My guys Josh Andreasson and Richard Carnes were loving Martin Velasco. Apparently, he's an anchor, making plays all over the place.
Special teams challenges led to aggressive 4th down choices, as well as turnovers loomed over the proceedings.
A bright spot for the Huskies occurred late in the fourth quarter, Huck and Sanchez combined for a score. The TD kept Battle Mountain from getting blanked.
Final score, 8-45.

The Ruggs Benedict, Red Carpet
"Player of the Game"
was Martin Velasco with a 20-yard sack and causing mayhem on the line.

The Crossline Studios
"Block of Granite" lineman of the game
was Matin Velasco again, this time for a fumble recovery; a shining, hopeful light.

The Bighorn Toyota
"Drive of the Game"
came late in the game. The Demons second squad was in, allowing BMHS a score late in the fourth quarter, a rare 2-point conversion left the Huskies at 8-45 in the end.

The Battle Mountain Huskies Football Team face the Pailisade Bulldogs at Zephyr Field in Edwards Friday night, pre-game starts at 6:45 p.m.


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