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Nottingham Road Sidewalk Project Requires Temporary Water Outages

August 8, 2018

Planned water outage to affect eight, possibly 16, Nottingham Road complexes; Wildridge, Mountain Star should conserve water both Tuesdays to preserve tank storage


AVON, Colo. – Water service will be temporarily shut down starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday (Aug. 7) and again the following Tuesday (Aug. 14) to a portion of Nottingham Road in Avon as part of the town of Avon’s Nottingham Road sidewalk project. Water service will be restored to the affected area no later than 5 p.m. on each Tuesday.

The sidewalk project is underway along the north side of Nottingham Road, west of Buck Creek Road, and requires replacing and relocating Eagle River Water & Sanitation District hydrants that serve the area. The water main serving the project area will be isolated so the hydrant work can occur.
The temporary water outage will affect buildings served by the isolated section of main, generally 160 to 410 Nottingham Road. If the primary area cannot be isolated, then the temporary outage will also affect a secondary area to the west, from 420 to 710 Nottingham Road (see map).

Water outage from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 7 and 14, to affect these buildings:

  • Benchmark at Beaver Creek – 160 and 180 Nottingham Road
  • Balas Townhouse Condominium – 211 Nottingham Road
  • Sunnyside at Avon – 220 Nottingham Road
  • Rushmer Townhomes – 230 Nottingham Road
  • Balas West – 231 Nottingham Road
  • Sonnen Halde – 331 Nottingham Road
  • Sherwood Meadows – 371 Nottingham Road
  • Nightstar Residences – 410 Nottingham Road

Potential water outage from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 7 and 14, at these buildings:

  • Chambertin HOA – 420–440 Nottingham Road
  • Assembly of God – 480 Nottingham Road
  • Alpenhaus Townhomes – 510 Nottingham Road
  • Snowrun Townhomes – 520 Nottingham Road
  • Beacon Hill HOA – 600 Nottingham Road
  • Bristol Pines HOA – 600 Nottingham Road
  • Grandview HOA – 690 Nottingham Road
  • Avon car wash – 710 Nottingham Road


The Town of Avon installed electronic message boards Aug. 1 to alert the area of the planned water outage. Eagle River Water & Sanitation District directly notified affected customers, as well as potentially affected customers, on Aug. 2 with notices hung on every door in the primary and secondary areas on Nottingham Road.
Wildridge and Mountain Star should conserve water on both Tuesdays
No new water will be able to move to mains that carry water uphill to tanks serving Wildridge and Mountain Star while the Nottingham Road water main is isolated. Pumping to these areas will stop Tuesday morning, right before the main is isolated. Mountain Star and Wildridge will have water service, although the district is asking residents to reduce water use on both Tuesdays to preserve water stored in the neighborhood tanks in case of a fire emergency. Eagle River Fire Protection District is aware of the work and potential fire flow limitations.
Once the Nottingham Road work is complete, crews will reopen the valves in the water main and water service will be restored at all buildings. Properties may temporarily experience low water pressure until water lines refill. As normal operations resume, district staff will pump water to Wildridge and Mountain Star to refill storage tanks, though customers are asked to limit outdoor water use while tanks are refilling.
To prepare for a temporary water service outage, fill a bathtub or large bucket with water for hand washing and toilet flushing, and fill several pitchers for drinking or cooking needs. To flush a toilet during a water outage, pour a bucket of water into the bowl all at once. Learn how by watching this short YouTube video at https://youtu.be/Grnk9p9P7Qk
The temporary outage is expected to stir up sediment that may briefly cause discolored water in some properties and will also likely cause cloudy water due to air in the system. The water is safe to drink and you can clear your pipes by running faucets, tubs or an outside spigot. Flush your lines until the water runs clear.
For more information, go to www.erwsd.org or call 970-476-7480.

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