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Tony Gulizia

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Tony Gulizia

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Sundays on The Zephyr  Local Jazz legend Tony Gulizia hosts the coolest two hours of the week on the Radio

Sundays 10am- Noon (Replay Sunday night 7p-9p)

Birthday sets and more

Known the world over as Tony G, the musician-teacher-DJ has been playing jazz for decades.

Tony G’s gift to Eagle County. He gigs locally roughly 42 weeks straight, playing for both public and private events without so much as a day of rest in between. When not performing or teaching in town, he’s liable to be playing elsewhere, such as on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, at a wedding in Houston or with a whole slew of cohorts in Lech Zurs, Austria.

“Well why not?” he asked. “There’s really nothing else I’d rather be doing.”

During the winter season Tony Gulizia holds court seven nights a week at the Grouse Mountain Grill in Beaver Creek.

Sunday Morning he belongs to the Zephyr!

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