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KZYR Earth Day Road Show

This event starts on  April 22, 2015 and ends on  April 29, 2015


EARTH DAY is an exciting, important event which each year eclipses national and cultural boundaries in pursuit of a common goal—to conserve and sustain the world’s wondrous natural resources.

Take part in KZYR’s dedication to the preservation of our planet with our own Earth Day Celebration.

Beginning Monday April 28th, KZYR will work in conjunction with Vail Resorts ECHO program, local green businesses and area schools to help educate our True Local Kids about the importance of conservation through the celebration of Earth Day.


Each day (M 4/28- F 5/2) KZYR will be at a different school throughout the county for on-air education of Earth Day.  We will set up a one-hour remote broadcast for each participating class. The school schedule is as follows:

Every day, the program will be broadcast on KZYR 97.7FM at 1pm. Listen live (or any time after the program airs) online here!

Check back throughout the Earth Day Road Show for photos, videos, audio clips and more as we travel from classroom to classroom, spreading the Earth Day love!

4/28 Update: The 2014 Earth Day Road Show is off to a fantastic start, following an extremely successful (and FUN!) morning in Brittany Rivera’s 4th grade classroom at Gypsum Elementary. Listen to the show here!

Steve interviewed John from the Energy Smart program at Walking Mountains about their energy saving initiatives: Gypsum1

John then showed the students his FLIR infrared camera, and let them experiment with it in this video!

This is the image the FLIR produced of the first four students’ hands: 4 kids FLIR

And here is the image of the entire class’s heat imprint on their wall: FLIR Rivera Wall


After John’s presentation, Melissa from Walking Mountains shared some info about recycling and composting: Gypsum2


She even let the class meet her pets and composting helpers – a bucket full of worms! Gypsum3 Gypsum4 Gypsum6 Gypsum5

The class then capped off the show with a stellar performance of some Earth Day songs and a round of jeopardy with Tony:

Gypsum7 Gypsum8 Gypsum9

MANY THANKS to all who helped make Day 1 of the Earth Day Road Show so awesome! Be sure to keep listening at 1pm every day this week as we travel throughout the county, presenting a different installment at each school! Happy Earth Day!

4/29 Update: The 8th annual Earth Day Road Show continued with a fun and exciting visit to Ashley Warner’s 4th grade classroom at Vail Mountain School. LISTEN TO ALL SHOWS HERE!

Ms. Warner’s class was pumped to have KZYR there for the Road Show: VMS1

Equally pumped were The Zephyr’s DJ Steve & guests from Walking Mountains and the Town of Vail: VMS2

The first guest of the day was Cindy from Walking Mountains who talked about Energy efficiency: VMS3

She used a kilowatt meter to demonstrate to the students the difference between incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED lightbulbs:


Next up was Kristen from the Town of Vail: VMS8

She talked to Ms. Warner’s class about recycling and the problems with the amount of trash we produce.


Here, students take a look at the pellets into which recyclable plastic is formed before being reused: VMS11


And here, students measure out a large area of their classroom in a demonstration of waste volume: VMS12

The students then gave some awesome radio presentations on the theme of “going beyond recycling.” Check out a great video of the beginning of their presentations here!

Overall, it was a fantastic morning, resulting in another quality radio program. Tony even had the students introduce all of the songs:


MANY THANKS to all who helped make the first two days of the Earth Day Road Show so awesome! Be sure to keep listening at 1pm every day this week as we travel throughout the county, presenting a different installment at each school! Happy Earth Day!


4/30 Update: This morning was another great installment of the KZYR/Vail Resorts ECHO Earth Day Road Show as we traveled to Homestake Peak School for a presentation to all the 6th graders, organized by language arts teacher Tasha Queen. LISTEN TO ALL SHOWS HERE!

Filling the HPS auditorium, the 6th grade students were definitely excited to see us: HPS1 HPS2 HPS3 HPS5 HPS4

They even had some awesome posters waiting to greet us in the auditorium! IMAG0741 IMAG0740 IMAG0739 IMAG0738 IMAG0737

The show started out with an interview and presentation with Brent and Barry from local green construction company RA Nelson.

IMAG0758 IMAG0752 IMAG0759 IMAG0756


Many of the students then lined up to present PSAs about the oil controversy in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park:

IMAG0767 IMAG0768 IMAG0762 IMAG0764 IMAG0778 IMAG0774 IMAG0779 IMAG0773 IMAG0765


Next, Fritz from Beaver Creek/Vail Resorts ECHO gave a really cool presentation about elk. Check out a great video clip here. He even brought in a huge elk antler he had found right near the Homestake Peak School!

IMAG0782 IMAG0783 IMAG0793


Since the radio program included Earth Day themed songs as well, we had three of the HPS students introduce them to our listeners:

IMAG0748 IMAG0745 IMAG0744


The show then ended as usual with a round of Environmental Jeopardy. Normally, however, we ask the kids trivia questions, but this time, the HPS 6th graders had some (HARD!) trivia questions for us. So, it turned into a round of “Stump Bri,” facilitated by Steve. Even with her Environmental Policy degree, Bri struggled to answer questions like “How many reptile species are in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park?” and “How much waste does the average person produce in a year?”

IMAG0789 IMAG0791 IMAG0787


Overall, it was another fantastic morning on the Earth Day Road Show. MANY THANKS to all who helped make the first three days so awesome! Be sure to keep listening at 1pm every day this week as we travel throughout the county, presenting a different installment at each school! Happy Earth Day!


5/1 Update: The Earth Day Road Show headed to Edwards Elementary this morning for an entertaining time with the 4th graders in Beth Cooney’s classroom. LISTEN TO ALL SHOWS HERE!

The students had already been having some Earth Day Fun, with interesting essays (entered in Walking Mountains’ Earth Day essay contest) hanging all around the room:

IMAG0818 IMAG0809 IMAG0797


The 4th graders were as stoked on our arrival as we were to be there:

IMAG0831 IMAG0794


Tony began the show by interviewing Bryan from Vail Resorts ECHO:

IMAG0798 IMAG0800


With the help of fellow ECHO staff members Ben and Kelly, Brian talked to the kids about composting, and even past around a bag of partially composted food scraps!

IMAG0808 IMAG0806 IMAG0804 IMAG0807


Kate from Eagle River Watershed Council then took to the airwaves to discuss our local watersheds and ERWC’s recent highway cleanup during which someone found a whole set of dentures!



She then presented an engaging powerpoint to the students that talked about watersheds, indicator species in streams, and the importance of watershed health:

IMAG0815 IMAG0817 IMAG0819

Finally, it was time for the class to really shine with the Earth Day essays they had written. Tony interviewed Ms. Cooney about the project, and then several students shared their essays with The Zephyr’s radio audience.

IMAG0822 IMAG0820IMAG0827 IMAG0826 IMAG0824 IMAG0828 IMAG0823


The essay segment was followed by a round of environmental jeopardy in which the students’ correct answers earned the class a pizza party! Check out a great video of the jeopardy round here.

IMAG0833 IMAG0832 IMAG0835


Overall, it was another fantastic morning on the Earth Day Road Show. MANY THANKS to all who helped make the first four days so awesome! Be sure to keep listening at 1pm tomorrow as we travel to Eagle County Charter Academy to presenting the final installment! Happy Earth Day!


5/2 Update: The final day of this year’s Earth Day Road Show was one of the best yet, with the intelligence, creativity and enthusiasm of Danielle Towle’s and Amy Guercio’s fourth graders at the Eagle County Charter Academy. Listen to the show here!

We arrived at ECCA to be greeted by the 4th grade students’ smiling faces:

IMAG0839 IMAG0837


Bri kicked the show off by interviewing Matt Donovan, owner of the Vail Honeywagon:

Screenshot_2014-05-02-10-02-11 IMAG0841 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-51-12


Matt then gave an awesome presentation to the class about the recycling process and what we can/can’t recycle. Click here to see the fun, entertaining and educational video he showed the class! The students were clearly paying close attention, as they were able to answer every question Bri asked them about Matt’s presentation live on the radio.

Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-40-45 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-42-17 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-38-21 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-39-55 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-44-50 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-48-54


Next, Bri interviewed Ms. Towle and Ms. Guercio about their classroom green initiatives and Earth Day poetry project:

Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-55-37 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-54-12 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-54-38


The students then presented their truly impressive and highly creative “Advice From” poems:

IMAG0860 IMAG0859 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-57-41 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-59-12 IMAG0855 IMAG0856 Screenshot_2014-05-02-23-58-42 IMAG0854 IMAG0857 IMAG0858


We then closed out the show with a round of Environmental Jeopardy in which the students’ correct answers won the class a pizza party! Check out a video here.

Screenshot_2014-05-02-14-26-40.png Screenshot_2014-05-03-00-01-59 Screenshot_2014-05-03-00-02-58


Thank you SO MUCH to all who helped make the 8th annual Earth Day Road Show a wonderfully memorable experience. We hope to see you all again next year!