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1000 For DJ Weez

This event starts on  October 25, 2014

Join us Saturday Night for an over the top bashy as we celebrate DJ Weez’s 1000th reggae show.

The Party is tonight at Route 6 Cafe in Eagle Vail.

Carlton Pride & Mighty Zion will perform plus reggae DJ’s including DJ Bloodpreshah, from Denver and Dee Jay Soljie, a New York-based artist who is flying in for the party.

Here’s Tom Genes thoughts on the Vail Valley icon.

If you did something every Wednesday of every week for a year, you would have done that thing 52 times.  Sticking to the project, after five years your total would be 260.  That’s every Wednesday, no time off for holidays either.  Sticking to this project for a decade would have you at 520 episodes – a nice accomplishment of endurance and dedication.


Now let’s say this weekly project of yours took four hours to complete each week. After 15 years you would have lovingly (because by now such dedication could only be defined as love) put in over 3000 hours as you completed your 780th show.  You should be proud of such perseverance; however, you’d still be 220 occurrences or nearly four and a half years short of the accomplishment we celebrate this week at KZYR radio.


DJ Weez, a/k/a Scott Peterson will spin the musical dials on 97.7FM as host of his One Love Music Reggae show for the 1000th time-Dat large. That’s 19 plus years, every Wednesday- a 2-hour broadcast of a singular musical genre- painstakingly prepared with love and care for a niche audience who regularly show their appreciation at DJ Weez’s weekly in person gigs at various Vail Valley watering holes. Weez doesn’t like reggae music, he loves it.

When you start him up on the topic, he’ll give you not just the Marley children’s birth order (no small task seeing that there are at least 14 known) but their music catalogues and talent evaluations.  He makes annual pilgrimage to the land of Irie to explore his passion deeper. Even to the point of returning from one of those Jamaican journeys with his lovely wife he affectionately calls Melody.  Together they have been bringing the soulshine to our valley for years.


So what does it take to present a two hour radio broadcast each week? I’d start with a steadfast dedication to an art form.  An encyclopedic brain that would make Wikipedia jealous.  A resolute commitment to a craft. Every business in this Valley has struggled with employee attendance.  Could you imagine if you had an employee who not just showed up but completed his weekly tasks on time every week for 19 plus years?  Never complaining and never having a guest substitute and even covering his vacation weeks?  That’s the kind of person we are talking about. Salt of the earth. A true.

All are welcome join the celebration of roots, rock, reggae and the incomparable Weez. We are going to drop legs and ease it up in a cel-E-bration of a champion.


So all you Jakes, Johnnys and Joes soon come to our rasta bash.  We have been blessed and it’s time to give tanks to our One Love Man- Jah Weez.