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Best Colorado Music Of 2013

elephant revival

  I just goggled the term “best of 2013” and got a remarkable 15 billion responses yep- Billion including Whitney’s Best of Websites and the ENR Best Construction Grants of the Year! I think these exist because people like to

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Blitzen Trapper Delivers The Americana


The origins of the musical genre known as Alternative Country is covered quite well in Greg Kot’s book “Wilco: Learning How To Die.” The book is more than a history of a band, it’s the tale of a movement.  An

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Arcade Fire’s State Of Music

Aracde fire

I was resolute. I needed to listen to it in its entirety before forming any opinion.  I shied away from internet reviews and even those of my musically inclined friends who immediately dissed the whole thing after viewing their appearance

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The Maddening Genius Of Lou Reed


Lou Reed’s “Heroin’ was the first song that truly frightened me. I was fearful I might get addicted just from listening to the song. Conversely on the other side of the Reed’s musical walk was Lulu his collaboration with Metallica,

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A Classic Rock Primer To New Music

Joy Formidable

There is a scene in “The Big Chill” when the character Harold proclaims that there has been no good music released for years. He is clearly a classic rock holdover and refuses to allow any new music into his life.

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Yes, This is A Great New Book

Yes Is the Answer

One of my favorite places in the entire Valley is the little music nook section at The Bookworm in Edwards. Here is where my youth has been transcribed. A place to find the thoughts of Keith Richards and Anthony Kiedis

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Van Morrison Doesn’t Need A Plan B

Van Morrsion

Of late I have been finding the same album playing over and over on my speakers.  Sometimes by chance as a random selection on my iPod and sometimes, I should say mostly, as a direct choice. Released exactly a year

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Rock’s Best Marraiges

Tedeschi Trucks

I’m on my way to a family wedding and though I’m tempted to write about great wedding songs, I thought I’d go one better and talk about great married couples in rock and roll.  Now there are many a rock

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The Return of Rock Dinosaurs

Rocking old dinosaur

Look Out! It’s the return of the dinosaurs!  Last year David Bowie returned in fine form with one of his better albums in years- which as they say wasn’t saying much. Now we get word that some of Rock and

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The Blues Had Baby Alright

Muddy Waters

The Rolling Stones took their name and much of their attitude from Muddy Waters.  John Lennon considered Chuck Berry the world’s greatest songwriter.  Led Zeppelin hijacked numerous rifts and songs from Willie Dixon.  John Lee Hooker invented boogie and thus

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