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The Return of Rock Dinosaurs

Rocking old dinosaur

Look Out! It’s the return of the dinosaurs!  Last year David Bowie returned in fine form with one of his better albums in years- which as they say wasn’t saying much. Now we get word that some of Rock and

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The Blues Had Baby Alright

Muddy Waters

The Rolling Stones took their name and much of their attitude from Muddy Waters.  John Lennon considered Chuck Berry the world’s greatest songwriter.  Led Zeppelin hijacked numerous rifts and songs from Willie Dixon.  John Lee Hooker invented boogie and thus

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Rock Star or Sports Star?


When my son grows up I want him to be a rock star. Now that may not be a surprising comment from someone who writes a music column or spends his day job on the air at a radio station;

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Who is My Morning Jacket?


From time to time, I am approached by music fans who ask me the easiest question to answer. Who is the best live band performing today?  The simple answer is My Morning Jacket.   Who? You might say. Exactly. This

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Growing Up With The Dark Side


Shortly after getting my driver’s license, I was grounded. Sent to my room. No friends. But what my parents didn’t realize was I had a record player. The creation carrying Thomas Edison’s DNA that could take me to worlds far

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Mid Year In Music Awards

Black Sabbath 13

The middle of the year begs the question what have you missed?  It’s a chance to reflect back on the first six months of the year and make sure your record collection or digital downloads folder these days is loaded

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Rock’s Most Underrated


Watching the remarkable run of the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Championship made me appreciate the under appreciated.  In my opinion Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan are two of the most underrated coach and athlete in any sport.  Their

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Daft Punk Wakes Up The Dance


The mark of a truly great rock song is one musically intriguing and lyrically compelling. So fascinating that you are driven to research the subject matter to find out more about the artist’s muse. A good example of this is

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Campout For The Cause is a Winner

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 12.59.39 PM

Next week starts the official summer music season with the Campout for the Cause.  This masterful event conceived by True Local Scotty Stoughton is in its fifth year.  Musically and recreationally, it has matured to a premiere early season music

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Foxygen’s Trippy Journey in Time


When you put the needle down on this new record, what? You don’t know what a needle is? Oh well anyways, when you hit the play button on whatever music playing device you have and you hear the first note

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