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Tom Genes’ Favorites of the Year

Favorites Of THe Year

The year 2014 was an extremely good one for musical output. We had the world’s most popular band release an album and literally gave it to the world for free. We had old sods continue to show their relevance (Tom

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Talk About The Passion- Lollapalooza Review


Ten years of Lollapalooza at Chicago’s Grant Park and all that’s left is the passion.  Sure there was a bit of nostalgia on Chicago’s front yard as 300,000 revelers enjoyed nearly 140 bands including Palooza alumnus like Kings Of Leon

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Yes, This is A Great New Book

Yes Is the Answer

One of my favorite places in the entire Valley is the little music nook section at The Bookworm in Edwards. Here is where my youth has been transcribed. A place to find the thoughts of Keith Richards and Anthony Kiedis

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John Hiatt Supplies A Sunny Smile


There appear to be no truth to the rumor that the organizers of the Telluride Blues and Brews Music Festival will be adding ‘Buckets’ of rain to the title though it would have been more than appropriate for this year’s

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So You Want To Be An Opera Star?

Tel Tale HEart Opeara Copeland

Should the Byrds change their lyrics? I wonder if Pete Townsend ever contemplated changing the lyrics to “My Generation” to “Hope I die before the fat lady sings?”   In an age when musical offerings are as diverse as ever

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Tom Genes’ Lollapalooza Review


Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to the center of the rock music world to Chicago’s Grant Park and Perry Farrel’s Lollapalooza.  The festival, in its ninth year has at least nine more left in its North American home. 

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Boss Keeps On Working


Nobody really hates Bruce Springsteen anymore.  Even those ill informed rock fans like me, to be perfectly honest, have to admit he has created a catalogue of amazing and endearing music with some noted theatrics as well. And what he

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Peter Gabriel Concert Review


What does one do when they wake up in their own Secret World? Peter Gabriel seems to have, if not the answers, the detailed emotions you’ll encounter on your journey through your mind. Getting inside the psyche has always been

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