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The Revolution That Was Televised-The Beatles @50


I don’t ever remember seeing the Ed Sullivan show though I was alive during its run. A tad young at the time, I wonder if my mom forbade me from seeing it because of its risqué programming. There was the

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Tom Genes’ Super Playlist

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.53.30 PM

Tom Genes thought you might need some music selections to get yourself up for the game-As if you needed anything else to get you fired up! Omaha- Counting Crows – The battle cry of Peyton Manning is covered well with

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Grammys Share The Love

Pharrel WIllimas Daft Punk

Just like the world’s most powerful music couple, the Grammys appear to be “Drunk in Love.’  The 56th annual Grammy music awards turned into a love fest like no other. It was unconditional love for the industry sure as all

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Bruce Springsteen Reconsidered


I have never been a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen. For one in all honesty, I didn’t discover him therefore to me, a blatant music snob, he didn’t exist. Secondly, I often found him to be hypocritical. Third, his early

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How To Organize Your Music


In the best buddy movie of all time, “Diner” there is an epic scene when Shrevie as played by Daniel Stern is lambasting his wife Beth (Ellen Barkin) for filing his  James Brown record under rock and roll instead of 

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CBGBs Remembered Fondly


As far as I know there are not any bar owners in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but that needs to change.  I nominate Hilly Kristal founder and owner of the famed CBGB.  His story is the stuff

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Believe in Beyonce


She once took second place on Ed McMahon’s  “Star Search.”  She had a miscarriage before giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.  She’s a one woman industry, married to one of the music’s businesses biggest power brokers and she possesses

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Vilar Center Bringing The Voices

Paula Cole

There is a moment in the film that documents Peter Gabriel’s 1994 Secret World concert tour when the tour de force of positive reinforcement songs, “Don’t Give Up,” starts and there is a silhouette of a women in intense focus. 

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Tom Genes’ Favorite Albums of 2013


Though at times this summer , the album charts looked like a apge from 1976 as artist like David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Mark Knopfler released respectable discs. However, most of them only stood out when compared to

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Best Colorado Music Of 2013

elephant revival

  I just goggled the term “best of 2013” and got a remarkable 15 billion responses yep- Billion including Whitney’s Best of Websites and the ENR Best Construction Grants of the Year! I think these exist because people like to

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