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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Foxygen’s Trippy Journey in Time


When you put the needle down on this new record, what? You don’t know what a needle is? Oh well anyways, when you hit the play button on whatever music playing device you have and you hear the first note

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Bob Weir Collapses On Stage

Picture 8

But the band played on. In the midst of a nine show gig at the Capitol Theater in New York, Further was in the middle of their song “Unbroken Chain” when 65 year old Bob Weir wobbled and fall to

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Vail Valley Routes Revealed

Pro cycle logo

Today US PRO CHALLENGE event promoters released the routes for all stages of the 2013 event. The event known as “America’s Race” will have two stages in Vail Valley. The route for the 2013 USA Pro Challenge professional cycling stage

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The Brothers Gulizia Perform

brothers guliaza

The host of KZYR’s Jazz at its Peak Sunday show, Tony Gulizia will be joined by his brother Joey on drums for a special Jazz Goes to School Sextet Performance open to the public. Tony Gulizia’s brother Joey, also a

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Dawes Bring Us Back To The Garden


Laurel Canyon is one of those legendary geographical locations that has taken on a mythic presence in the annals of rock and roll.  Numerous books have been written about the mystique of this California valley where country, folk and rock

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Dylan, Wilco, MMJ Coming To Colorado


Wilco, and My Morning Jacket will join Bob Dylan  for the Americanaram A Festival of Music tour this summer. THe tour wuill stop in Colorado July 31 – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in Englewood. The tour will visit 26 venues, kicking off

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The State of Colorado’s Mental Health

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The timing for this week’s show is perfect since Colorado Mental Health Awareness Day is soon thereafter!           My guests will be: Psychologists Dr. Casey Wolfington and Dr. Henry              

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Vail Rocks Returns

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 5.43.51 PM

Music, mountains and hiking all return for a good cause. As musicians, cancer survivors take a  musically charged hike up Vail Mountain.   Acoustic musical performances and extraordinary views throughout the hike with special performances by our founder and 2-time

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Locals Love It Live


The live music business is daunting.  For the performers it’s an endless trudge through cities, stages and truck stops.  Playing your heart out till the wee hours then loading the van and driving all day to do it all again.

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Jimmy Cliff Is Reggae


Music has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time.  And every generation has ground breaking artists who transcend a genre.  Rock and roll had Elvis and The Beatles, for country it’s Hank Williams and Bob

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